TRCC Information

Members, we have collected over 71% of our required funds for the runway. The assessment of $125.00 per member will be due by the close of the membership meeting on 20 Oct.

Field Maintenance work on 25 Sep. at 0700

 New Club Meeting Location

VFW Post 549 8424 E Old Spanish Trail, Tucson, AZ 85710 See map page.

Runway information

COA #3: Grade compact and surface of 1.5 inch hot mix asphalt (Pima Paving)

What: This will grade, compact and pave 1.5 inches of asphalt and restripe runway

When: When monies and final plan is collected

Field Closure: 1 week

Runway funding Information

A gift payment above $125.00 will be considered a donation toward the runway, will count as your assessment, and will receive the following reward: Any gift at, or above, $1000 will receive a personalized plaque and your name on a monument at the field. For those who wish to contribute to the runway assessment fund please mail your gift to the club (TRCC P.O. Box 18995, Tucson Az. 85731-8995), give your payment to a board member, or use the gold PayPal link.

To give your gift/assessment by PayPal click here

The amount of the assessment is $125.00 and will be due no later than the close of the member meeting on 20 Oct. Remember, your dues and gift/assessment payment are tax deductible as the TRCC is classified as a nonprofit organization.

Runway construction will start as soon as all assessments have been collected. The quicker all the assessments are paid the sooner we get the new runway.


Current available for runway install of $41,000
Gifts received
Assessments received

To give your gift/assessment by PayPal click here



See DOT and FAA Finalize Rules for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS)


 2016 Information and Brochures 


 Next Meeting  - Thursday 20 Oct. -  7:00 PM  VFW   8424 E. Old Spanish Trail, Tucson          

 Maintenance   - 25 Sep.,  0700 - The more members who show up the sooner the work will be done and flying can continue.

 Flying Events for this year:

     8th Anual Electric Fly in,                                  6 - 7 Feb.                      See the Winners

​      Warbirds over Tucson,                                    16 - 17 Apr.                    Winners Not Available

      4th of July Night Fly                                         2 July                             Photos Not Available              

      National Model Aviation Day TRCC Fun Fly   20 Aug.                          1st - Chuck Brooks

                                                                                                                     2nd - Bill Plunkett & Doug Allen

      Winter Scale Classic,                                       26 - 27 Nov.


 Activities           Movie night      30 Apr 2016        Flight of the Phoenix



 Want to know your Membership type, Pilot Level and AMA # ? Log in, go to 'Members Only' menu, select 'Members  Information'. If your information is not correct, contact the Board.


All members are required to wear their TRCC badge to fly at the field.

All aircraft are required to have your FAA #, and AMA # in, or on, the aircraft.

 You can replace the AMA # with your name & address.

Flying hours for Gas, Glow and Turbine aircraft -- 7 AM - 7 PM

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