The Tucson Radio Control Club (TRCC) is a diverse group of people with a common love of radio controlled model aviation. On and off the field, the TRCC strives to provide a fun, and a safe, flying atmosphere for all. Additionally, we offer a free pilot training program for all those who are club members.                    Select to see; Club Announcements - vote item, Club Activities/Meeting, Club Newsletter.


The following agreement with the SAM's club will be voted on at the 19 March meeting.

It is agreed that Southern Arizona Modelers (SAMs) and Tucson Radio Control Club (TRCC), herein after known as “club”, shall enjoy reciprocity as long as either club can maintain an active flying field. When either club is closed for repairs or during a Southwest Fair Commission event, members in good standing with either club may have guest privileges with the other club during times when respective home members are active at each field. Club badges shall be visible at all times when flying under this agreement to identify members in good standing of each club. The host club’s safety rules and guest program rules unless otherwise stated in this agreement, as defined in their club’s bylaws, at all times will prevail. Each club is responsible to ensure only qualified pilots are extended reciprocity under this agreement. This agreement can be terminated via written notice by either club.


*Effective Immediately* Until Further Notice

                First Person View (FPV) flying at the field SHALL only be authorized as follows:

• FPV is allowed only with a level one or above Pilot in control, and line of sight with a buddy box.

• FPV is not allowed with the FPV pilot solely in control

Congratulants to Mike Bourne, Samantha Hines and Bob Snook for their election to the 2015 Board.

Bylaws changes will be voted on at the January membership meeting. In order to provide sufficient time for members to review changes, Bylaws changes already submitted will be handed out at the December meeting and will be posted on our website. Additional  changes should be submitted to the board at the December meeting to be read and will also be posted on the web for review.

See Jan 2015 proposed By-Law changes

The Pima County Bond Advisory Committee held a public session on Friday, December 12, 2014 at the River Park Inn to vote on all initiatives contained in the $500 million bond proposal. Over 13 members from local RC clubs were there to support and advise the committee on PR96-Parks and Recreation Model Airplane Parks $1.5 million initiative. We lined up to speak and got through 2 out of 13 speakers when the chairman made a motion to approve PR96. The motion was accepted and received all 24 yes votes in favor for the initiative.  The final round of cuts will be conducted in February. I was told this initiative will most likely go the distance. Updates will be posted as new information is received. 


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TRCC Activities

 Next Meeting  

Thursday 19 Mar 2015. 7:00 PM - DAV, 3455 S Wilmot Rd, Tucson, AZ


28 Feb 2015 - Thanks to all who participated.  

Next Events

March 7-8, WATTS-UP Electric Fly-In


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