Welcome to the Tucson Radio Control Club               

The Tucson Radio Control Club (TRCC) is a diverse group of people with a common love of radio controlled model aviation. On and off the field, the TRCC strives to provide a fun, and a safe, flying atmosphere for all. Additionally, we offer a free pilot training program for all those who are club members.


Found a nice balance connector volt meter at the field.  It would have been left there Friday.

Contact Leonard Hall -  lehallaz@msn.com


TRCC Activities

 Next Meeting  

21 Aug.  6:30 PM - Thur. at the Miller Library 9640 E. Golf Links



Next Events                                 

     TRCC 50th Celebration has been postponed until fall

The Tucson Radio Control Clubs 50th Anniversary Celebration and night fly will be held later in the fall with cooler temps - Stay tuned for the date and time. Food and drinks for club members and family will be provided. The planning of activities for the event are still in progress and as we solidify specific events, updated information will be added to the web site.  If you would like to assist in planning an activity, please let the board know. This is a big event and should be fun for everyone.


To Be Announced - Future Thanksgiving Fly in          

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TRCC Notices

To fly at the field all members must be wearing their TRCC badge.

All aircraft MUST have your AMA #, or your name and address in, or on, the aircraft.

Note - Flying hours for Gas, Glow and Turbine aircraft -- 7 AM - 7 PM

           NOTAMS for TRCC field - None              See latest National Notams


 14 July - Board recommended July 2014 By-Law changes:

The TRCC board recommends the following changes to the TRCC Bylaws:

Article IV; Section 2, Dues:

     Change $70.00 to $125.00.

     Change $20 to $30.

     Change $10.00 to $15.00.

     Change $50 to $75.00.  This applies to all instances of these numbers in the first paragraph.


These funds will be used for continued updates to the runway, an improved storage facility, and funding the move to a new field. Our club dues have not been increased in 40 years thus reducing the ability of the club to keep our facility in top condition. The board takes this action to reduce future requirements for club assessments.


Article V; Section 4, Removal of Board Members Change the last line to read: "Such warning must be in writing and must represent the majority of the remaining Board members."  This removes an oral warning. This is so significant that any warning should be given to the board member in writing.



18 May - Presidents Notes:

I am very proud of the hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm, the new board has ushered in barely 3 months removed from the election. Many club improvements have been made in such a short time since the election and with so much energy that is really nice to see.  Improvements/Projects are wide ranging from serious attention to the short and long term care and feeding of the field (airfield maintenance/cleanup) and runway improvements to hard work and time being conducted behind the scenes taking care of administrative issues.  With the help of many dedicated club members and volunteers, the club has already made huge strides in promoting the hobby to the community with our recent involvement at the DM Airshow.  The board is committed to ensuring TRCC remains a vibrant, safe and relevant R/C club now and into the future. The continued longevity and success of the club will take the cooperative teamwork and efforts of all members as the board cannot do it alone. I thank all of you for your contributions and hope to see you all at the field soon!

01 Mar - Election results - Congratulations

              Greg Harrell, Mike Bourne, Bill Hempel, Steve Clark 

18 Feb - Field will be closed the weekend of March 8th and 9th for runway repair.

               Asking for volunteers to help.  We will be starting around 7:00 AM  each morning.

              The field will be closed all day both days.

13 Jan - Read By Law Change Proposal for January meeting.

06 Jan - Bob Snook, Al Mosher, Greg Harrell Board positions are up for elections for two year terms

              Larry Barrett has resigned for personal reasons,  Mike Bourne will be confirmed to fill his position.

01 Dec -   Work party every Sunday at 1100 until completed, subject to winds, rain & events.

                Congratulations to the TRCC members winning at TIMPA Giant Scale contest

                Check out the latest improvements to the club Bylaws

23 Sep - Added new detailed instructions on how to use the document system. The instructions are found on Members Only / Getting Started Instruction page.

04 Aug - A Photo Submission page under 'Members Only' has been added for the members to add their photos to the Photo Gallery.

19 Jul - Information on how to Log in or to Register is on 'Members Only/Getting Started Information' .

01 June - Photo gallery works fine with Internet Explorer and Apple, if you are having problems with Mozilla Firefox please check this site to possibly solve problems. http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/troubleshoot-and-diagnose-firefox-problems

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