Welcome to the Tucson Radio Control Club

 Sanctioned by the national organization of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) District X.

  TRCC founded in 1964 - AMA Gold Leader Club  # 112        

The Tucson Radio Control Club (TRCC) is comprised of a diverse group of people with the common love of model aviation. The club strives to provide a safe, clean, and fun flying atmosphere for all members to enjoy. Additionally, the club provides a free pilot training program for all the club members. Come, join us, and enjoy the great sport of radio controlled model aviation.

How to Join/Renew to the TRCC

In order to join the Tucson Radio Control Club an applicant must be a member in good standing with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and show a current AMA membership card. At the end of this section is an application to both the Tucson Radio Control Club and also the Academy of Model Aeronautics.

An applicant must have demonstrated an active interest in the sport of R/C, and a willingness to participate in TRCC sponsored activities. No application will be considered until the applicant has attended at least one TRCC meeting. Applications are considered on a “first come, first served basis”. Upon approval of a 2/3 vote of a quorum of active members, the applicant will be awarded a membership for a one (1) year probationary period.

Membership types are: Full time, Part Time and Junior

Fee schedules

 Joining New Members:   

    Full time 

              $150.00 Initiation fee plus 

              Annual dues of $100  ($80 dues + $20 'Runway Maintenance Fee')

    Part time 

              Annual dues of $40 plus $10 per flying month. (Runway fee built in)

     Junior Members 

              Annual dues of $20.00  (No Runway Fee)

Renewing Members

    Annual dues for your membership type  

    To include your name, current address, current email address, and your AMA number

    Give to a board member or Mail to - TRCC P.O. Box 18995,Tucson Az. 85731

    Contact the Membership Board Member for any questions Membership@tucsonrcclub.net

    Your TRCC flying badge will be sent to you by US Mail.

Annual membership dues are to be received no later than 31 Dec for the next membership year.

    Use the TRCC Application paper form (Click on form to print) - fill out,bring 3 copies to the next club meeting

    AMA Application (fill out form and submit to AMA)

    AMA Online Application

    Map to Roy Iley Field and TRCC meeting location

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