See the list below of all the Instructors who are available, by appointment, to help you learn how to fly. Please remember that they are volunteering their time to help you, therefore, it is best to make an appointment to ensure that they will be available.

If you should need help in setting up your airplane, or test flying, there are many highly experienced club members who are more that willing to help you.


   Rick Chitty and student Ross Mickelson


Instructor List

AMA approved as Introductory Pilot Instructors.


Instructor             AMA #                        Phone

Bill Hempel           132                       520-275-4418


Greg Harrell          978834                 520-271-5136


Rob Hoard            75156                   520-808-5260


Jacob Campbell    800538                 520-484-4192


Jerry Deebach      614059                 520-378-3753


Chuck Brooks       86775                   520-237-9468

Craig Blackman    L862                     520-344-2772

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Understand prior to the first flight/training session:

1. Field Safety rules.

2. Flight line Etiquette.

3. Frequency Board and Impound.

4. Inspection of Aircraft for Airworthiness and proper CG.

5. Starting and Adjusting Engine and Safe Operating Practices.

6. Range Checking the Radio and proper Control Action.

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